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History is a central subject in developing enquiry and analytical skills, as well as gaining knowledge and understanding about the world in which we live. Children enjoy investigating, exploring and applying skills in real life contexts; some of our most memorable humanities work takes place through our cross- curricular themed days, such as Viking and Tudor Days.


We love bringing History and Geography to life at The Berkeley! 


Year 1 First World War Poetry.


Here in year one we have been looking at different styles of poetry, based around the First World War. We based some of our poems on Wilfred Owen's famous piece, Dulce et Decorum Est. We also used acrostic techniques to write a different style of poetry. We learnt about onomatopoeia, and continued our learning on similes and adjectives to create exciting and descriptive poetry.


It is cold and horrible in the wind.

The soldiers peaked over the squelchy trench in the mud.

Watch! There goes a bomb trying to kill you.

The bombs are banging and crashing.


Emma, age 5.


Remember the soldiers.

Everyone is silent for two minutes.

Mark them with poppies.

England has been in the war.

Many people helped us.

But they are in our hearts.

England was fighting in the war.

Remember the soldiers who died.




We marched through the squelchy mud.

we want to save our country.

The bombs went off bang.

The trench is dirty and the whole place smells of gas.


Oliver, age 5


Soldiers marching a very long way from home.

The guns are dark.

The guns are loud. 

There are millions of soldiers that died.


Harley, age 6.


Remember the soldiers.

England fought in the war.

Many soldiers died.

Even Germany fought in the war.

Mark them by wearing a poppy.

Be a person who remembers.

Everyone can be.

Remember by sitting in silence for two minutes. 




The soldiers are scared and cold.

The soldiers live in a horrible trench.

The guns go boom and crash.

The trench is black as a cat.

The mud is as deep and wet as the sea.


Faith, age 5.


The loud guns are crashing on the floor.

Squidgy mud sticks to the soldiers like glue.

The freezing trenches are like the icy North Pole.


Oliver, Jaden, William, Jacob, Oliver and Ben.


Remember the soldiers who died.

Elephants helped in the war.

Men risked their lives.

England and America fought.

Many people saved our country.

Bullets were fired.

Every 11th of November.

Remain silent for two minutes.


Harrison, Toba, Alfie, Jamie, Olivia



Key Stage 2 History day with AS Creatives.


An excellent day was had by all the children in Key Stage 2, as they experienced a little of what it would have been like during the First World War on the home front, through a fantastic production from AS Creatives. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and got to participate in some exciting drama based activities throughout the day. The children were entirely engaged and learned a lot about the role of women during the war, and how it would have felt to have been a soldier, or a relative of one, who served during the First World War.



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