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Welcome to the week Year 6! Please watch my introduction to the work on the video below and then have a think about the questions that are just below that. As I mention - you will need to watch the video before we have our Teams calls today!


Questions to consider:


Have a think about these questions as we will use them as part of today's work (less writing - more listening and thinkingsmiley)


1. The machine burns memories as fuel, describe which memories that YOU would burn first? 


2. Which memories would you want to save the most and why? 

3. Why did the machine break?


4. What matters more than gold?

The Alchemist's Letter

A visually rich, darkly inventive fairy tale directed by former Student Academy Award® finalist Carlos Andre Stevens. Starring 2-time Academy Award® nominee John Hurt and up-and-coming star Eloise Webb.