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The Alchemist's Letter




As I mentioned in my video, today you are going to need to watch the film again, but in stages. Follow the instructions below and answer the questions as you go! REMEMBER - we expect you to give full sentence answers, not just one word responses. Please concentrate really carefully and complete the work just as you would if you were here in class.


There are lots of questions! We would like you to choose at least twelve of them - covering each stage of the film from start to finish. Again, please work carefully!



Watch the opening 45 seconds (up until we see ‘The Alchemist’s Letter’

• What have we learned up to now?

• Why does the film maker include this section before the titles?


Pause the film after 54 seconds when the man looks at the key and


• When is the story set? How do we know?


Pause the film after the phrase, ‘The more powerful the machine.’

• What relationship between the narrator and the man we can see?

• What is the man’s name?

• What has his father left behind?

• Where is his father?

• Why do you think he has left it behind?

• Do you think Veridion has seen his father recently? Explain your reasoning.


Pause the film at 1 min 35 seconds where we see two people sitting by

a waterfall.

• What do you think the narrators most precious memories could be?


Pause the film at 2 min 15 seconds after the phrase, ‘She died alone.’

• What actually are the narrator’s most precious memories?

• Why do you think this is?

• Why do you think Veridion’s mother died alone?


Pause at 2 mins 43 When the young Veridion throws away the pocket

watch. You may want to rewatch that section.

• What does the narrator mean when he says, “because of the creature

I was becoming?” We see a visual metaphor of the minotaur. Does the

author actually mean he was physically changing?

• Who is sat under the tree with the pink leaves?

• What do you think he is thinking before he throws the watch?

• Why does he throw the watch away?


Pause the film after the phrase, “Just as I abandoned you.” 3 mins.

• Why was Veridion abandoned?

• Why might his father think Veridion will abandon his daughter?


Pause the film at 3 mins 30 secs when the machine explodes.

• Why do you think machine has exploded?

• Do you think Nicholas ever succeeded in creating gold?


Pause the film at 3min 45 secs when Veridion is looking at the watch.

• What do you think will happen next?


At the end of the film

• Why doesn’t Veridion take any of the coins with him?