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Tuesday 9th February


The piece of writing that we are about to do will take you both today's session and tomorrow's session. 


Because it needs to be good!


We are going to construct a first person recount in which YOU place yourself into the scene. You are going to write about YOUR journey through the woods. It will take place after Veridion left - and you chance upon the cottage, with the door left open - you will write from your perspective and recount what happened to you.


Today you will:


1. Watch my teaching PowerPoint video for advice

2. Look at the advice on using a range of devices that I highlight - similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification

3. Look at the WAGOLLs I have done (complete with errors!)

4. Draft your opening


Here I am to deliver the lesson part in person...


Here is the PowerPoint so that you can use the slides individually to help you!


I have also included the modelled writing for you as well below.