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Wednesday 10th February


Well, they do say there's no time like the present, so rather than look at any past work, here are just a few examples of YOUR recount openings that landed on Teams yesterday afternoon!

I am not naming the work, but if you see yours there, then 'Thank you!'



Today you will:


1. Look at the PowerPoint for today to check that you have the ideas for how to develop a cohesive piece of work

2. Again, look at the advice on using a range of devices that I have highlighted - short sentences, similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification

3. Proofread your work so far

4. Check out the examples below

5. Complete the recount

6. Proofread the work - decide if you are happy with it and remember that if it is just okay, it won't do! Take pride in your writing and make sure that you have created a really interesting and engaging piece of work!



Have a look at these examples from yesterday and decide which aspects you really like and inspire your writing today... I think that there is something from everyone here that I could use in class this morning!

Thank you guys!

I think that these pieces are already developing aspects of the style we need, so a big 'Thank you' once again if your work is featured!