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WB 11.01.2021

 Week Two



This week our English work will focus on using the planning that you did last week to develop your use of quality vocabulary to combine aspects of the character and setting, so that the reader actually feels that they are in the scene!


The overall Learning Objective for the week is:


I can write an effective piece of description


Here are the resources that you will need for today's lesson.

Here is the Powerpoint with the instructions, pictures you need - and me explaining what to do!


Here are the resources that you will need for today's lesson.

I have provided the resources on the Powerpoint, but have also added a video of the PowerPoint to our video library. This will allow all of you to listen to the instructions that I am talking over. I do hope that you will all find this useful! 

English PowerPoint Tuesday



Here is the lesson video which contains the final two images that you will need in order to complete your drafting work on the description. This will allow all of you to listen to the instructions that I am talking over. Just stop the video at the points you need to so that you can focus on the two images.

There have been some excellent pieces submitted so far - and by the end of today you will have built a good resource of written evidence.


Enjoy your writing today!



This is your task for today - and it is the one which you have been building up to all week!


Actually the task itself should be made really easy - for those of you who have already created your drafts carefully.


You will need:


1. Your drafts from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

2. The images you have used so far

3. A book to write in/paper

4. A pen that writes neatly/sharp pencil

5. A ruler

6. Your brain!


What you need to do:


Just as you would in class, you are going to use your drafts to create a cohesive piece of descriptive narrative which uses all of your ideas to create a piece which could be used to read over the pictures as they might appear if Brian Selznic had written the text himself!

Your drafts now need to be re-read and improved upon - just as a good author would do - and just like we would ask you to do in class. This will mean that you will produce a piece of writing with the six extended paragraphs.


A Year 6 writer can evaluate their writing (you're brilliant at that!) You should keep the parts that you really like, but develop and extend your drafts to include extra detail and ensure that you have described what can be seen in each of the pictures really carefully.

It is not a copying out exercise - as you know!wink


All work must be written neatly/legibly and with care. We look forwards to reading your work - and please let us know if you would like to share some of it with the rest of Year 6 - be proud of yourselves as writers!