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11th May 2020

It's the second week of fractions! Remember to look through each level to see what's right for you or that might be to do with level of understanding or type of activity.

I'm including Twinkl Powerpoints again because a few of you have said you like the visuals. Use them and keep going back over the slides until you understand before moving on. There are also some reasoning problems on the Trickiest Extensions.

Don't panic if you don't get something, just keep reading the guidance and practising examples, or just move on from it. You can also email me for help.

There are lots of things online to help too - BBC Bitesize is always very good or you can play some games from Topmarks.

I have included a SATs Paper devoted entirely to fractions on Trickiest -Thursday for anyone who wants a go,

I'll post Friday's activities later - I had a bit of a glitch with losing some things!!


Mrs Moffett