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Bonjour Y5! 

Well done to those of you who submitted the French work last week. This week it's all about telling the time on the hour and half past. Please can you watch the video below and learn how to ask the time "Quelle heure est-il?" and how to answer if it's an o'clock time eg "Il est cinq heures." - It's 5 o'clock.


To say half past we add 'et demie' to the o'clock time. Eg "Il est cinq heures et demie." - it's half past 5 or it's 5.30.

Please can you complete the worksheet attached, you can either print it off or copy it into your books. 

You can add more of your own if you want a challenge! Remember to write the date in French in your books, so this week it will be vendredi 22 janvier.

Merci et au revoir!