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22nd June 2020

Welcome to this week's maths. I thought this week's lessons could be more teacher led because I know some of you are really missing that face to face teaching. These videos are not by me because it would be a very amateur production - they're much better than that and I've definitely taken some tips from watching this brilliant teacher!

 Use the pause button to stop and interact with the videos or watch them a second time if you need to before moving one.

Unfortunately they're not differentiated but they are for Year 5 and 6 so they should be easy enough for you all to do either with help or independently. I've also attached challenges in case you whizz through them. Also don't worry about the dates on them, I've gone back a bit so you're not looking at fractions again.

Alternatively you can go to BBC Bitesize   by following the link below or look out for BBC bitesize lessons that are showing on Sky for a range of subjects. There are lots of options so make maths match your mindset. (Great aliteration)