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Before you start writing each paragraph have a look at this video and recap the toolkit for writing a diary.

You do not need to do the activities on this page.   (Copy and paste the link)



Here are some key features to remember when writing a recount:

  • Write your recount in the first person because it happened to you!

I used the stars to navigate across the desert.

  • Use the past tense because it has already happened.

It took a long time!

  • Have a clear structure. Use paragraphs to separate different events and ideas.

  • Within each paragraph include observations (what you saw), thoughts and feelings.

I was so relieved to see the next city; my throat was dry, and I needed water.

  • Diaries (recounts) are written in the order in which they happened - chronological order. Use time conjunctions like primarily, next, then and finally to show this.

  • Use description to add detail so the reader can build an image in their head.

The sand dunes were as tall as mountains.

  • Use emotive language so the reader understands your point of view.

I put blood, sweat and tears into my journey; I have no regrets!

Watch this video to understand the key features of a well-written recount.

Develop your plan this week taking a couple of  boxes/paragraphs each day.

By the end of the week you should have a much more detailed plan that includes the features listed above.