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In today's lesson, you are going to bring your description of the old shopkeeper together.

There are two things you need to do today:


1. You are going to carefully proofread your work. As you do so remember the idea of: Think it - Say it - Like it - Write it - Read it. With this in mind, you then need to choose one of your paragraphs to up-level - in green pen if possible. This might be through an even stronger word choice for real precision writing, or it might be to change and vary sentence openers/include adverbials/develop use of relative clauses and so on. When you have done this - carefully check it again!


2. Your very last job is to text mark the work. You will have noticed that all of the WAGOLLs I have given you this week had been text-marked. Use the examples from previous days to help you and use the example areas from the two pictures I have included below to assist. If you are not too sure, don't worry. However it is important that you take responsibility for reflecting on features that you have used in your own writing.


Oh - one more thing...

You must text mark neatly. PLEASE make sure that you use a ruler to do so (you know what to do!) It is not acceptable to see spaghetti-like lines all over people's work.


Take care - take pride in your work. We look forwards to seeing it!

Here is the first example of features of your writing that you may wish to assess.

In this second example, some of the features assessed were slightly different.