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vendredi 29 janvier

Bonjour Year 5!

Your work on telling the time in French was great, well done.

This week you're going to learn some adjectives that could be used to describe the high street. You are then going to use the work on times and the time of day to describe the high street at differnet points in the day. 

Here are the adjectives. 

Please can you copy them into your books and write the English meaning- choose from polluted, busy, quiet, dirty, clean.

Below is a table with 2 columns, the first one is When? the second is How?

I've done the first one - Monday morning at 10.00 the street could be clean. Please can you copy it into your books  and add one of the adjectives for the other 3 times of the day in the table. Then using your previous work can you add at least 3 more times of the day and corresponding adjectives to the table.

I look forward to seeing your work on Teams. Au revoir et bon weekend!