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L.O Can I create a piece of art in the style of Nancy Standlee?


Nancy Standlee style collage picture

For your art today you are going to begin a piece of art that we will do over the next 3 weeks as to do a brilliant job and get wonderful results it will take care and time.

I have put some templates of a sloth, a parrot and a frog online for you to download.

Pick your favourite one and ask an adult to print it off for you. ( if you can’t do this, don’t worry, you can always use a plain piece of paper and draw a template out yourself, it could even be another jungle animal).

Using old magazines, newspapers, left over wrapping paper or coloured paper I would like you to start to fill in your template with small torn pieces of paper ( try to use appropriate colours), make sure the paper is stuck down thoroughly!.

We will also be filling in the background over the coming weeks in jungle colours using the same method.

Have fun and take your time.


Miss Morris