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Lesson 1: Living in the Wider World 


In this first lesson, we explore places where people live which are different to where we live.  Watch the lesson first which explains the activities and task sheet.



Below are four videos of children who live in different countries in the world.  Choose any one and watch it.  You are welcome to watch all four videos, but you only need to complete a task sheet for one.

Pari in Nepal

This is "Pari in Nepal" by Kids In Other Countries

Valdir in Honduras

This is "Valdir in Honduras" by Kids In Other Countries

Ilham in Indonesia

This is "Ilham in Indonesia" by Kids In Other Countries

Lesi in Fiji

This is "Lesi in Fiji" by Kids In Other Countries

Groups we belong to - drawings by Year 2

Last week, the children did some beautiful pictures of groups they belong to.  Here is a selection for everyone to enjoy!