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WB 05.01.2021

 Week One

An introduction to the English work from us!


Follow this link to watch us introduce the book and explain what we would like you to get from your work this week. We will add videos to the same page whenever we need to and will always provide you with a direct link!


See the opening to the story in pictures

Tuesday and Wednesday Literacy

For Friday's work we are going to focus on a SpaG revision activity!


However - if you need more time to complete and catch up with any of the work we have looked at this week, please feel free to get this done and do the SpaG afterwards.


Read the PDF which will help you to identify the Subject and the Object of sentences. This is something that we did cover some time ago, so let's get your brains working hard now to do this revision activity!


What do you need to do?


1. Read the sentences and see if you can identify the subject and object in each one. DO NOT worry if you are unsure...

The answers are underneath!

However, don't cheat because cheats will not learn anything!


2. Check your answers and see if you were correct!


3. No, you're not done! What you now need to do is to have a go at using the model above to create ten sentences of your own and ensure that you identify the subject and object in each one (use a different coloured pencil to identify each one - and remember to be neat!

If you prefer you could write a short paragraph - or even a humorous short story (let's face it, we could all do with a laugh right now!


Try hard and I look forwards to seeing your work on Teams!


Mr B