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Year 4 - What is bullying?

Year 4 watched a short video called 'For The Birds'.  It is a very funny video about a group of small birds on a telephone wire.  However, it also has a very serious message about bullying.  After watching the video we discussed in small groups what message we thought it was trying gve the audience.  Lots of us talked about how the small birds were mean, or even bullying, the large bird because he was different to them but that by the end of the video it was actually the small birds who ended up looking silly and embarrassed as a result of their actions.  We then went on to think about the difference between being mean and bullying.  Lots of us admitted to being mean at some point in our lives; whether it was to friends or siblings but none of us thought we were bullies.  We defined bullying as when someone does something or says something to hurt another person's feelings on a regular basis whereas being mean is more to do with making the wrong choice about our behaviour occasionally.  Year 4 know a particularly good acronym to help you decide whether somebody's (or even your own!) actions are bullying behaviour.