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Art and Design

At The Berkeley we define the arts as the opportunities for creativity, self-expression and fulfilment afforded by subject areas such as art and design, dance, drama and music. All of these art forms serve as a pathway to meaning, relevance and a broader understanding of the physical and human environment.


We are committed to ensuring all pupils have access to, and benefit from, a wide-ranging and balanced arts curriculum in order to enrich and enhance children’s learning experiences  to enable them to take pride and pleasure in achievement . We aim to give children a broad experience of art from drawing skills to craftwork and exploring the art of people past and present. 


Each year group will study at least one artist and learn how to appreciate, reflect on and make value judgements about the quality of their work and that of others. We also provide children with the knowledge and tools to design and create objects, bringing together their skills across the wider curriculum.


Our objective is to making children develop their artistic skills and to recognise this development. Children should enjoy the process involved in art and feel proud of their achievements.

Art Exhibition July 2018