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Autumn 2021

Welcome to Year 4! We are so proud of how you have come back into school with huge smiles and great attitudes. You have all settled back in so well.



This term our learning will be centred around animals and their habitats. Our Read to Write texts will help us with this and they are the amazing books 'The Whale' by Ethan Murrow/Vita Murrow and 'Leaf' by Sandra Dieckmann.


We will be using it to write some fantastic pieces of work such as: Setting Narrative, Newspaper Report, Outsider Narrative and Information Report.



This term we will be studing the concept of 'Beauty, identity, diversity and passion'. The overaching question is 'What makes us stand out?'.



Autumn 1: 'Living things and their habitats'. We are looking forward to a Zoom session with the RCPCA on the 21st September. 

Autumn 2: 'Animals incl humans'. We are looking forward to having two dental nurses from the Riverside Dentist Practice visit our school on the 3rd November.



PE for both classes is on a Monday afternoon so please come to school wearing your full PE kit. As the weather gets colder, you might prefer to wear your outdoor PE kit. We are participating in Tag Rugby and Hockey during the Autumn Term. 



We are learning about Famous Buildings and Pop Art during the Autumn Term. 



Autumn 1 topic: Creation and Good News.

Autumn 2 topic: Kingdom of God Incarnation.



We are using what we learn in Art regarding Famous Buildings and constructing our own buildings. 



E-Safety, Coding and Transferring data. 



Mamma Mia and Glockenspiel 2. 




In Year 4 we will be setting 2 pieces of homework every Friday. It will be due in the following Thursday. We will use the websites/applications:,, TTRockstars, Microsoft Teams (To upload a Reading Comprehension) and We will alternate between these. Please look on our homework page for the weekly homework tasks.



If you need to pass on any messages to your child's class teacher, please put a note in their home school diary or email at: