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Autumn 2021

This term we have been working around the theme of WW2. We have learnt about key events that happened and looked closely at how the war affected people's lives.

We have discovered what life was like for children and adults both at home and abroad through a range of quality texts including Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti, The diary of Anne Frank  by Josephine Poole, Once by Morris Gleitzman and Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian.


We have looked in depth at the impact of WW2 on the lives of children in various situations and consider how we can learn lessons from history.


In science we have discovered how the heart and lungs work to keep us alive and what it means to be healthy.



There are many other areas we plan to delve into and you can take a sneak peek into the different lessons by looking through the photo slideshow which we will update throughout the term.


PE is on a Friday and homework will be set on a Thursday's.



This is some of our science work we have been doing. We have learnt about the heart and lungs and how we survive.