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Autumn Term 1

September - October

Winnie The Witch

Winnie has a problem. She has a black house with black walls, black floors, black furniture and black fittings. Winnie’s cat Wilbur is also black – and when he closes his eyes to sleep, Winnie cannot see him and treads on him. Her solution is to change the colour of Wilbur’s fur so that he stands out better. However, it’s not as simple as she has hoped and eventually (after lots of colour changing for poor Wilbur) she realises it is the house she needs to change.  

Funny Bones - Mystery Tour

One dark dark night the three skeletons go driving and solve six mysteries. Lots of things to look and sound mysterious in the dark but the last mystery is the most important of all - if they don't solve this one, they can't get home!




Aliens Love Underpants

When we came back from the weekend the children discovered something strange, in the outdoor area someone left underpants everywhere!

Who could it be?

Lets find out.




Squirrels Busy Day

"Squirrel is busy collecting acorns and doesn't have time to play with his friends. But when things go wrong, squirrels needs some help.

Will his friends come to the rescue?