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Task One - Circuits

This week let’s concentrate on our circuit training, as we didn’t get time to complete it and you were all so amazing!

If you can or want to, why not record your repetitions on the table I’ve supplied or record anyway you wish.

The only task you won’t be able to do is step ups, due to a lack of a bench at home! Do them in any order you like. ENJOY!


  • SITUPS.  Remember to bend your knees, place your fingers by your ears (try not to link your fingers together behind your head or swing your arms to get up, it’s cheating!)
  • BALL PRESS.  If no ball use two cans of beans etc. Remember not to go too fast and to fully extend your arms each time, IN, OUT, UP, DOWN
  • SPEED BOUNCE. Put anything down as a barrier/line, maybe a rolled up towel. Remember to twist your hips slightly and raise your knees, landing on 2 feet each bounce
  • MOUNTAIN CLIMB. Keep your bottom down and make sure your knees come up to your chest each time  
  • PLANK. Keep bottom down and don’t curve back! If it is too hard, go onto your knees
  • BURPEES. Everyone’s favourite!!! Remember to take it slow. Jump up straight, go into press up position (don’t curve back) bring knees up to chest and jump up again


Record Your Results