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Wednesday 18th November 2020

Recently in Computing, we learnt about our identity online. 


L.O. Can I create a memory jogger 'data gift'?

Please view the PowerPoint below. 

Organizations online collect all sorts of personal data eg. your favourite food etc through online quizzes and game like activities. This all feeds into targeted marketing.

You will create a memory jogger 'data gift' (See My Data Gift PDF) to encourage you to 'Stop, Think... Do I Consent?' which you can sit alongside your computer in school or at home when you find yourself signing up to services online. Remember, before signing up to websites you must read the terms and conditions to understand what you are consenting to!


Please be aware that sometimes you have to be a certain age to use a website or application. For example, Facebook, Shapchat, Twitter and Instagram require users to be at least 13 years of age to accesss and use their services.