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Cultural Capital

At The Berkeley Academy, we aim to provide our children with the courage, skills, aptitude and confidence to enable them to be responsible citizens within their communities.  Through developing children in physical education they will be able to lead healthy and active lives, creating a positive impact on the society within which they live. Our physical education curriculum aims to expose children to a wide range of sports and games as well as dances from a variety of cultures. They may encounter these in the wider society or wish to explore them further in their adult life. 


Pupils’ development of this is supported in a variety of ways. Connections are made with the local community through the Crewe and Nantwich Sports Partnership which enables inter-school competition.  


Links are made with wider society through curriculum enhancement activities based on national and international events such as the World Cup, Olympics and Paralympics. These also help encourage positive role models for the children of athletes with a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds and abilities. Pupils are further encouraged to be positive role models by taking on leadership opportunities in the sports council.