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Discovery time

At this time of year, a lot of our learning is done through 'play'. We like to call this discovery time, as the children are constantly discovering things - sometimes without even knowing! 


In school, we have been making firework pictures - did you see any fireworks? Can you make a picture to show how fantastic they were? 

This week, we will be learning all about remembrance. Have a look at this video to understand what remembrance day is all about


Discovery time can be tricky at home, so make please make sure that your child has time to play with lego, cars, dolls etc. - whatever they are interested in. Try to encourage them to create a story line to their play, and ask questions such as 'I wonder what would happen if..?' 

If your child is happy to play alone for a short time, then let them - this will help to develop their creativity. Playing alongside them at certain times will help too - especially with 'I wonder' questions. 


One of the most important parts of discovery time, is of course, tidy up time! Try playing the song below and see what happens!

Tidy Up Song