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Dough Disco & Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle

What is Dough Disco?


'Dough Disco' is a fun activity for the children which combines the use of play dough with a series of hand and finger exercises designed to improve fine muscle control. The movements develop children's fine and gross motor dexterity, hand-eye coordination and self-esteem. We do this every morning straight after register. 

What is Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle?


Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle involves lots of dance and it encourages the children to use large movements to help develop the fine muscle control they need for writing. They will dance using this movement and use it to make marks and will then use this action to think of letters they can form that use this shape. These sessions are great fun but most importantly help your child to be confident mark makers.


Motor Skills - Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle

Shonette and the Spread the Happiness Crew demonstrate the first three moves in the Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle teaching method for writing.