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Easter PE Tasks

Happy Easter to you all!

Hello everyone, gosh I’m missing seeing all your enthusiastic faces in our PE sessions at school, but I’m sure you're all keeping fit and can’t wait to see how you have all progressed in you circuit training when we get back to school. Remember to try and continue with the circuit training session 1 or 2 times a week, or even daily if you’re up to it!

I thought I would give you a couple of fun tasks to complete over the Easter holidays, in-between eating all that yummy chocolate!


Task 1

Make a game to play outside for year 3 children.


  • Scavenger hunt of up to 20 items {remember, it needs to be possible to find the items outside}
    • E.g. something green{blade of grass}
    • Something beginning with “D” {daisy}


  • Orienteering course
    • How will you set it up?
    • Where will you set it up?
    • Do children need to find information or letters that make up a word to win?





  • A team game

Remember to:

    • Name your game
    • Make a list of equipment needed
    • Write a list of rules/instructions on how to play the game


Task 2

Make an indoor board game to play in groups of 4/6 children in your own class.

  • Name your game
  • Draw it out carefully
  • Make it colourful
  • Draw pictures on to it
  • Do you need to prepare questions for it (make sure you also have the answers!)
  • Do you need any other equipment like counters?
  • Write clear instructions on how to play the game

I Hope you enjoy being creative with your ideas and I look forward to watching you in action soon!