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In English we have been studying the book 'The King who banned the dark'. 


We are going to be rewriting the story using all of the features we have learnt during this topic.

  • time adverbials
  • noun phrases
  • adverbs
  • prepositional openers 
  • passed tense


Your first task is to use the plan provided to make notes about what you will include in each paragraph. 

Then you will write ONE paragraph each day for the following 5 days. We are slowing down our writing to make sure it is the best that it can possibly be! remembering to use the features above and also our basic skills of capital letters, full stops and checking that each sentence makes complete sense. 


I have also included a copy of our example text 'The Queen who banned silence' so you can see what your final piece of work should be like. You could maybe use this to help you if you are struggling.