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We will miss you all being here during school closures and hope that you and your families stay safe. 


A few important points about what to do at home...

READ READ READ - every day - every single day! This is so important, as reading helps writing, storytelling, confidence and imagination. 


Each week, we will post activities for you to try and follow at home. Don't worry if you re-order some of the tasks, and if you are finding anything difficult, please contact us via tapestry or email: and we will help!


Anything that you would like to post on tapestry, we would love to see. Each week, we will add a slideshow of photos to the website from tapestry to share with you all (please let us know when sending to tapestry, if you do not want the photos to be on the website) 


Thank you for all of your hard work and keep in touch