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Bonjour! Well done to those of you that completed the work about the house last week. And well done to Bronwyn for her fabulous cake baking, hope it tasted as fabulous as it looked! We’re continuing on the house theme this week. Please can you write the French date in your books, so this week it will be vendredi 22 janvier.

Please watch the Powerpoint below to practise the vocabulary. Then can you translate the paragraph on slide 21 into English in your books, it starts “Je m’appelle Sophie”. Finally can you please choose one of the houses on the last 3 slides and write a description in French. This could be a list of what it has or for trickier and trickiest please write in sentences eg “Dans la maison il y a une cuisine et un salon.”

I look forward to seeing your work on Teams. Merci et au revoir ! 

Bonjour Y6!
I hope you enjoyed learning about La Fete des Rois last week, and well done to Dom who made a fantastic Gallette des Rois to share with his family,  it looked delicious!

This week we’re going to start a new topic, all about the house. Please can you watch the video to learn the new vocabulary, make sure you practise saying the words, remember “ Ecoutez et repetez”. 

Then can you please draw a house, or print off the one below and label as many parts as you can in French. I’ve added a photo in case the link doesn’t work. 
I look forward to seeing your work on Teams. 
Au Revoir, Madame Leydon 


PDF version of the worksheet