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French Lesson 5 - Les mois de l'année


New French lesson time! Today we are learning how to say the 12 months in French. Watch the video and then try to complete the worksheet!

Les mois de l'année - alain le lait (French months of the year)

Les mois de l'année - French months of the year ©2012 alain le lait - music & animation


French Lesson 4 - Les jours de la semaine


Madame Leydon has set some work fro you to learn the days of the week. Use the Youtube video below to help you to learn them before completing the worksheet.

Les jours de la semaine - alain le lait (French days of the week)

Les jours de la semaine ©2011 alain le lait Lundi, mardi, mercredi Jeudi, vendredi Samedi, dimanche Il y a sept jours Dans la semaine ...

French Lesson 3:  La Chenille Qui Fait Des Trous


Madame Leydon has sent some work on the French version of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Watch the video and see if you can complete the sheet. If you can't print it out, you could draw it in your books.

La Chenille Qui Fait Des Trous (de Eric Carle)

French Lesson 2: Numbers 1 - 10


For today's French task you are going to revise the numbers 1-10. I have attached a worksheet and a video below to help you. 


au revoir smiley

Last term, you started to learn about food in your French lessons with Madame Leydon. Today's task is to complete the word search below. If you are unable to print the word search, could you draw and label the food items from it. Once you have done this could you then draw some healthy and then some less healthy items in your book and label them in French. You can use the song below to help to refresh your memory and you can use google translate if you are struggling to find the French word for an item that you have drawn.






J'aime les fruits - alain le lait (I like fruits)

J'aime les fruits © 2013 alain le lait music & animation

Food Wordsearch