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Bonjour Y5!

Hope you enjoyed the Euros lesson last week. 

This week we're looking at the points of the compass - les points cardinaux

Please work through this power point to learn the vocabulary and draw and label the points of the compass in French. Then can you look at a map of France online to write some sentences about the location of French towns or regions, like on the last 3 slides of the powerpoint.

Eg Calais est dans le nord de la France. - Calais is in the north of France. 

Bonjour Year 5

This week in French we're looking at the Euros that are taking place at the moment. Please watch this video, with Mr Innes introducing some of the teams and remember to join in. 

Next I'd like you to design you own football kit and describe it in French. I've attached a blank kit you can print off, or you can draw your own. I've also attached a help sheet with the words you'll need. 

Le maillot is the shirt

Le short is obviously the shorts!

Les chausettes is the socks.

I look forward to seeing your designs. 

Madame Leydon