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Bonjour Y4!

Well done to those of you who submitted the work on families last week. There were some great sentences and I liked the pictures too!

This week we're looking at pets in French. Please watch the video to learn the words and remember to repeat the words too "Ecoutez et Répetez!"


There are 2 activities you can do to practise the new words. You can either print out the wordsearch to find how many times each animal appears or you can write the number in your books. If you print out the challenge sheet you need to colour the squares that match in the same colour, or you can write the matching sentences in your book.

For example "trois chats" = 3 cats, "des souris" = some mice 

I've also attached a wordmat to help you with the new words. Remember to write the date in French in your books, so this week it will be vendredi 22 janvier.

I look forward to seeing your work on Teams. Merci et au revoir.