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vendredi 29 janvier

Bonjour Year4! 

I enjoyed looking at the work you did on pets last week, well done.

This week you're going to be learning how to say what pets you have. Please watch the video and practise asking the question "Tu as un animal?" - Do you have a pet? and how to answer eg "J'ai un chien." - I have a dog. 

The words for the pets are written on the wordmat below. Can you work out what the 3 speech bubbles at the top mean? Write them in English in your books. Then can you draw some people with their pets and write the sentences to match. Eg "J'ai deux chats et un hamster." - you would draw 2 cats and a hamster. Use the wordmat and the work you did last week to help you and try to do at least 3 sentences. 
I look forward to seeing your work on Teams. Au revoir et bon weekend!