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Friday 03.04.2020


LO: I can use expanded noun phrases.


Today we are going to write an Easter acrostic poem. Remember an acrostic poem is where the word goes down the side of the page and each letter starts a new sentence. 

Eggs to eat.

Animals being born.

Spring is here.

Time for flowers to grow.

Enjoy being outside.

Rabbits running everywhere.


But rather than just doing basic sentences like I have, I would like you to use expanded noun phrases to try and expand the ideas and use exciting language e.g.


Eggs so delicious I can't wait to devour them.

Animals, small and precious, being born.


Tip: Remember, an expanded noun phrase has at least one adjective to describe the noun. 


Challenge: Try and use different sentence types. You could try and sneak in a: fronted adverbial, bracket sentence, embedded clause (like my animal one above) maybe even a rhetorical question.


We would love to see what you create. You could always illustrate your poem once it is done.