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Friday 05.02.2021

Today, we want to give you the chance to read. Anything you like, whenever you want, where ever you are allowed. But we would like you to find something that you love to read. The books you can see below are books that I was given when I was about the same age you are now. I have kept them for a very long time. Even though I have moved to different houses, move to different counties I have always made sure these books came with me. I love them. They are some of my most valuable possessions. Not because they are worth a lot of money. But because I can remember reading them as a child and loving them and because they were given to me by important people in my life. So we would like to see if you can do the same. What book (any kind of book) do you have that you could read or look at now and know that you would will keep it for years and years?