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Learning Objective: I can use picture clues to make inferences and predictions.


For today's lesson, we are studying four pictures from this term's class story. For each picture, write a prediction about what you think is being shown. Who do you think the characters are, what are they doing and where are they going? Are you able to make any guesses about some of the items that appear in the pictures (maybe from any fairy tales that you know). If you have any questions about the pictures, also write these down.


One you have done this for each picture, complete today's reading lesson.




Reading - Pippi Longstocking 




Today's extract is all about Pippi meeting some Bullies. Before we read it, please look at the key vocabulary and find out the meaning of each word.




Once you have done this, look at today's anchor question.



Once you have read these questions, read the following extract and answer the questions using full sentences.