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Friday 22nd Jan

This week's reading lesson is a walk through. I will guide you through how to delve deeper into a text and understand it. The video is about 20 mins and there are a few questions at the end for you to consider. 

Also think about how this text may be similar in some ways to Hugo.

 Today's Lesson

The guided lesson should take about 30  minutes to complete this week so we'd like you to spend the rest of the lesson reading your own book. If you can take a photo of the book or you reading it please send into Assignments. Those of you allowed on the website will have your picture put into a slide show.

if you are stuck for a book - don't worry we have it covered!

Here is a link to Oaks Academy Free Online Library.


I've also attached links to other places you can find FREE reading material.

Let us know what you think!