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I can finish and edit my character description.


Read over and check yesterday’s writing for basic mistakes. Before you continue writing your description, check that what you have already makes sense. Spend 30 minutes improving and finishing your work. If you need to redraft yesterday's work rather than continue it, then do that. A short, brilliant description is better than a long, messy one. One of the girls in Class 7 read her description out yesterday and shared it on Seesaw. Reading your work aloud is a great idea as it can help you to see which parts sound good and which parts need more work. Once you have finished your writing, why not share it on Seesaw or email it to us.







SPaG - Sentence Writing Competition.


Watch the video below so that you know what happens. On your second viewing, pause the video whenever you think you can write a sentence containing the word types that we have looked at this week. Your sentences will be worth a different number of point depending on the types of words that are in it. 


Point values.


Noun = 1 point

Verb = 1 point

Adjective = 1 point

Adverb = 2 points


Watch out!


1.If your sentence doesn't have a capital letter or a full stop/question mark/exclamation mark at the end then you get no points for it!


2. If your sentence doesn't make sense then you get no points for it.



At the end of the video count up how many points each sentence is worth and then total your points together. You can set yourself a target before you start and compete against yourself or you could compete against a member of your family. Let me know how you get on!

La Luna