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Division 1 Racing 


Today you are going to play a division racing game to see who is the fastest and most accurate division whizz!



What You Need
Up to 10 small toy cars but can play with two.
Division 1 Racing tracks  - see attached file
Division 1 Racing playing cards - see attached file 



How to Play
For multiple players, decide who's racing what cars in which lanes. If a two player game then one could be the odd-numbered lanes and the other the even lanes.


Shuffle the cards and divide them amongst the players evenly.

Take turns drawing a card.

Answer the problem and move your car forward 2 spaces,  if you answer correctly.

If you answer incorrectly then the other player gets a chance to answer the question.  If correct, they move one of their cars forward one space or can choose to move one of your cars back one space.


The object is to answer the problems correctly and see which car crosses the finish line first.


This game could easily be played with multiple players working as a team.