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Good morning Year 3,


I hope that you managed some super sentences yesterday. Today’s task is to write a paragraph or two to describe your awful child. Read or listen to the start of ‘Sofia Sofa’ below and see how David Walliams introduces us to the character.


David uses different ways to tell you about the character. First, he tells us about Sofia’s habit which is sitting on the sofa all day and being lazy. Rather than telling us about her behaviour, he then shows us that she is not very polite to her parents by including some speech where Sofia is yelling at her poor mother. The description ends with us being introduced to Sofia’s mother who does whatever Sofia demands. This paints a picture in our head about what Sofia’s home life is like. Who do you think is in charge in this house? Do you think Sofia’s behaviour is acceptable?


Use your best words from your word bank and use your best sentences from yesterday. Read your work after each sentence to check that it is the best that it can be before moving on. 


Remember, it's not how much you write, it's how well you write.


Why not read this to a family member afterwards and see what they think about your character. If they dislike your character, then you have done a good job convincing them that your character doesn’t deserve a golden ticket.


Don’t forget to share on Seesaw or by email. I have really enjoyed seeing your writing or hearing you read your work out over the last few weeks.

Sofia Sofa

David Walliams - The World's Worst Children - Sofia Sofa