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My Magic Box


Once again you have two tasks for today.


Task One:


  • Read over the poem 'The Magic Box' and then watch Kit Wright perform his poem using the link below.
  • Your task is to perform Kit's poem using your voice and actions to make it into a bit more of a performance for your audience. Before you do this, watch the video below of Michael Rosen who is wonderful at performing poems and keeping the audience engaged in what he is saying. Once you have done this,  click the link below to see 'The Magic Box' and think of some actions and how you can change your voice or facial expressions to make it more interesting. When you are done, see if you can perform the poem to either a family member, in a mirror or you could imagine that you are performing the poem to the school.


Task Two:


  • You are going to plan to write a poem about your own magic box. You need to look at yesterday's work and see how many different things Kit included in his poem and then think about what you would like to put into your magic box. You can list these items and maybe draw a picture for each one.
  • The items in a magic box should be things that interest you. Remember, it is a magical box so you could include things such as 'Snow from the tip of Mount Everest', 'The laugh of a best friend' or 'The cheer of a Champions League win'.
  • Remember to include a sentence that describes what your box looks like.
  • Include an activity that you would like to do in your box. Kit chooses surfing in the sea so be as creative as you want with this!


Thank you for your hard work this week. I have really enjoyed seeing your performances on Seesaw and I can't wait to see your 'Magic Box' poems on Monday.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Michael Rosen's top tips for performing poems and stories