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Professor Plum

Professor Plum had been locked away in his laboratory for days now, barely even stopping to eat or drink.


He rested his left arm on the dusty pile of books scattered across his desk, and with his right hand he gently flicked the conical flask in front of him. The red and orange liquid inside coughed and spluttered as heat from the Bunsen burner excited it from below.


Professor Plum wiped his weary eyes; only the excitement of finally finishing the potion kept him awake. Just a few more hours, then it would be ready…

Thinking Task - 

10 minutes


See if you can answer these questions. You can think about the answers or you could share your thoughts with a member of your family.


Who is Professor Plum?


What potion is he making?


Has the Professor chosen to lock himself away?


Why hasn’t he had any sleep?


What might the vessels and books on the table contain?


If you could make any magic potion, what would you make?


What do you think the Professor keeps in his pockets?

Writing Task - Descriptive Writing

20 minutes


Can you write a paragraph describing the picture. Remember to use your senses to describe what you can see, smell and hear in Professor Plum's laboratory? Spend 20 minutes writing this. Remember to check your writing after each sentence. Just like in school, if there's a great word that you want to include but you can't spell it, have a go and underline it for you to check later.



Checking and Improving
 10 minutes.


Take a five minute break and then come back to your work with fresh eyes to see if you can spot any mistakes. Use this time to use a dictionary to help you to correct any spelling mistakes. See if you can improve three words in your writing by using a thesaurus to find synonyms.