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Friday 24th April

The Greatest Invention


Write a persuasive piece about what you think is the greatest invention and why. Use your plan from yesterday and try to link your points using FANBOYS or ISAWAWABUB conjunctions. See if you can use this week’s SPaG to help you to group points into paragraphs and use the word mat below to help you to include persuasive language.


Remember this is your opinion so you cannot be wrong! Write confidently and try to make me agree with your points.

A word mat to help with your sentences openers

SPaG - I can link sentences to make a paragraph


Redraft your paragraph from yesterday. This means you will be improving it like you do at school when you use a green pen. Think about which sentences you can combine. Can you use a conjunction to join two sentences together? Can you put the sentences in a different order to make more sense? Can you put similar sentences together? Do you need to add or delete any sections? 


Please note: You don't need to write the whole thing out again. Where there is a full stop you can cross it out and write an appropriate conjunction above it. Remember your FANBOYS or ISAWAWABUB conjunctions.