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The Build Up - Plan



Today we are going to plan the build up to our story. This is the part of the story where things get going and the story really starts to hook the reader. We usually do this by introducing an exciting part to the story, starting an adventure or by introducing a villain. Before we think about what could happen in our story, lets think about how other stories use the build up to keep the reader's attention. 


  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - we are introduced to the golden ticket competition and we learn about the winners of the first few golden tickets. How does this make Charlie feel? What does he do about it?
  • The Ice Monster - Elsie meets Woolly and manages to escape from the Natural History Museum. We are also introduced to the professor and Lady Buckshot.
  • James and the Giant Peach - James sees the giant peach and starts his escape. We are introduced to the creatures that live in the peach.



Task One: Think about your story. What could happen next after the introduction? Is your character about to start an adventure? Do they meet a mysterious character? Do they find something unexpected? If you are struggling for ideas, think about your favourite stories and how they get their adventure started. Bullet point what will happen.


Task Two: Continue to draw your story map and include the build up. You might want to include some exciting words that you want to put in your story.



Hopefully you now have a clear introduction and build up. Imagine what it would look like in a film. You might want to retell the start of your story to someone in your house. See if you can make it as exciting as possible. If they want to hear what happens next, you have a great story so far!



Have a great weekend everyone!