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The Age of Stone - Reading comprehension


Can you use skim and scan to find the answers to the questions below? Before you answer the questions, read through the poem and highlight any words that you don't yet understand. Discuss these with a partner.



The Age of Stone

Come with me to the ancient age of stone,

Where all that you see is rock, wood or bone.

Let’s say hello to prehistoric man,
Living before written records began.

He first appeared in 3 million BC,
He looked very different to you and me.
Homo Habilis, was his given name,
Years later he evolved and then became
Homo Sapien: the new human race,
And they started to move from place to place.

Living like nomads going here and there,
And finding all their food from who knows where.


Next we shall join the cave man and his wife
And start to live a Stone Age kind of life.
The man he agrees to be our new guide,
He wears a tunic made from animal hide.
We’ll hunt animals like birds, boar and deer
With a flint knife, an arrow or even a spear.

Berries, grains and nettles and so much more
Are found when we forage the forest floor.
Why don’t we gather some plants, fruit and seeds

To feed and fulfil the family’s needs?


Let’s catch a fish from the nearby lagoon,
And pierce it with our huge homemade harpoon.

Now come with me, you must try to be brave,

And enter the Palaeolithic cave.
Striking cave art can be seen all around
And a bear skin is placed upon the ground.
In the centre is a fire giving heat
To boil our water and to roast our meat.


What’s that I can hear you shout with a cry?

A huge woolly mammoth passing nearby.

Stomping around with its large tusks of white,

Trumpeting loudly with all of its might.

The cave man wants us to hunt the beast,
He thinks it will give us a much-needed feast.

Hooray! The beast is ours. You’re a winner,
Let’s eat it now for breakfast and dinner.
After the meal, we will go for a snooze
Then when we wake up, we’ll share our good news.


Now we return to the time of your own,

Would you like to live in the age of stone?



Find and retrieve – skim and scan

1. How many years ago did Homo Habilis first appear?
2.  What types of food did Stone Age man eat? 

3. What sort of home did many Stone Age men live in?
4. What do you notice about the rhyming pattern in the poem?
5. Find 5 examples of rhymes from the text.
6. What is your favourite line from the poem? Explain your answer. 

7.It is said that the Stone Age was a dangerous time to live in. Do you agree? Explain your answer. 



Performing Poetry


Next Step:


Once you have found all of the answers can you read through the poem with a partner and think of an action for each line. Once you have done this, perform the poem for your partner.