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Friday 27.03.20

LO: I can edit my work


If you haven’t finished your newspaper article, you need to do that first.


We are going to spend this lesson editing our work. Use the bullet points below to help check your work.


  1. Read your work aloud to someone – does it make sense? Have you missed any words out?
  2. Check for capital letters and full stops.
  3. Is your handwriting perfect throughout? If not, pick one paragraph and re-write it in your best, joined handwriting.
  4. Check spellings – first check for words that you know, then use to check for tricky words.
  5. Underline the fronted adverbials in a different colour – how many have you got? Do they make sense?
  6. Look how you have punctuated the quotes. Is it correct?
  7. Give your work to someone to read. They should be able to understand and enjoy it.