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The Rosetta Stone

Reading -  What were ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs?




Task One - To read and understand about Egyptian hieroglyphics.


Use the link below to visit a website about Egyptian hieroglyphics. Some websites often contain the same features as a non-chronological report because they are trying to teach you about a subject. Once you have read the report, take the quiz to test your understanding (linked below).


Note: If you are struggling to read the text due to some of the tricky topic words, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the play button to have the page read out to you. Use your finger to follow the words as they are being read so that you begin to recognise them.






Task Two - apply your understanding and become a scribe.


Now that you are an expert in hieroglyphics, use the chart below to help you to write short sentences. Remember to follow the rules that you learnt from the non-chronological report to help you to be a scribe. Write 3 sentences out in English and then write them using hieroglyphs.


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