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St. George and YOUR Dragon


For today's task, you will be writing your own ending to St. George and the dragon but, as you've probably guessed, you will be including your dragon in the story. I have included a trimmed version of yesterday's story so it is a good idea to reread it so that you know what has happened. You will be starting your story from the line ' As they were on their way,' and it is your job to decide what happens to the princess and the people of Cyrene. Have a think about these questions before you start:


  • Who is your hero going to be. It doesn't have to be St. George. Maybe the princess turns out to be the hero in this tale?
  • How does your dragon react to seeing the princess? Does your dragon have any powers that change the story?
  • Who wins in the end? Who is the hero and who is the villain?
  • Think about the tone of your story ending. Is your story going to be serious like the rest of the tale? Will you add a sense of humour to your ending? Will it be full of action and adventure or will it be tragic for the people of Cyrene?


I am looking forward to reading your story endings so please send them to me at

Punctuating Speech


Write a short description about each of the scenes on the worksheet. You must include direct speech in each description and include the correct punctuation. Write these in your book and number each description 1 -4. There is an example included at the top of the sheet. 

SPaG - Using speech in independent writing.