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Harry and the Poisonous Centipede Lesson 5



We are now at the end of our time with this book so we are going to think about the characters and themes of the story. To start, we will read the final extract from the end of the book.










First, we are going to answer question A. Read the list of themes below and think about this story. Can you first sort them into two groups. Relevant Themes (themes that appear in the story) and Irrelevant themes (those that do not). Once you have done this, can you choose the top three themes that are important to the story and write these in your books. Why do you think these themes are the most important?





Next, we will be thinking about question B. Do you think there is a lesson that is taught through this story? Is the lesson taught to the reader or is the lesson for George, Harry or any other characters? Write you answer in your book and explain your thinking.




Finally, can you answer these comprehension questions about the final extract. Work independently and write your answers in your book.