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Forces of Nature

Today's reading lesson is all about the poem that we looked at yesterday. This time we will be looking at personification in the poem and we will be thinking about why the poet has used it. 


Starting Task: 


Personification is when you describe objects as being similar to people or animals. An example of this is when we say 'his heart raced'. A heart can't actually race but we say it does as a way of telling the reader that it is beating quickly. Below I have included some other examples of personification. Can you work out what they mean? Maybe you can think of your own example.


The wind howled.

Lightning danced across the night sky.

The alarm clock yelled at me to get out of bed.

The wind sang through the leaves.



Main Task:


Read through the poem again but this time looks for examples of personification. Were you able to spot any? For today's task, look at the worksheet below and see if you can match each phrase to its meaning. You could cut these out and match them up or you could copy them down.